And I Wonder Songtext
von Alphaville

And I Wonder Songtext

i'm going out, i don't know why, there's no need at all
a kind of turbulence outside and i can't resist the call
i hear a siren, i might be late, fire flickers on a barricade
a piece of smack melts in my brain as i watch the police deploy
and i wonder

did not expect to meet you here in the middle of the fights
i should have known, you got it all, you wanna burn tonight
out in the riots you looked somehow devine
you gotta kill a cop sometime
a random motion that's what you are, these days are so bizarre

and i wonder to see your face in a place like this
reflecting the flames

you see the market there across the square
it's closing time but all the doors are broken
why don't we step inside, it's free for everyone, you see
it's paradise, well alright

and i wonder to see your face in a place like this
reflecting the flames


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