Geboren am 21. Oktober 1976


Mehr Songtexte

  1. Volunteer
  2. Daddy's Little Pumpkin
  3. Still
  4. My Partner Joe (Murder on My Mind)
  5. Easy Babe
  6. Tokyo!
  7. "... Give It Our Best Shot"
  8. Dedication
  9. (Talking)
  10. "Thanks/ Come and Find Me Intro"
  11. Fireflies
  12. A Country Song
  13. "The First Song I Ever Wrote"
  14. [untitled]
  15. Lantern (Josh & Sam demo)
  16. Murder on My Mind
  17. Chelsea Hotel #2
  18. "I'd Love to Bring Erin Back Out"
  19. Ghosts
  20. Tonight You Belong to Me
  21. "A Beautiful Place to Go to Prison"
  22. Wild Goose
  23. Some in the Way
  24. "The Selway Bitterroot Mountains"
  25. It Beats Me
  26. "To Someone We All Know"
  27. "We'll Just Butter Up Cork"
  28. Beating
  29. Chelsea Hotel
  30. "The Delights of the East Coast"
  31. Come & Find Me
  32. Wildfires
  33. Bandits
  34. "This Is a New Song"
  35. "Being Bad in Ireland"
  36. Introduction ("The Last Waltz")
  37. Peter Killed the Dragon
  38. Moon River
  39. Good Days
  40. Lawrence, KS (unplugged)
  41. Something in the Way Parody
  42. "The Page, the Dutchess, and the Bishop's Whore"
  43. Only Girl for Me
  44. "I Played at a Prison in Vermont"
  45. America
  46. Chemistry Song
  47. Harbortown
  48. Long May You Run
  49. Spot in My Heart
  50. "The Beauty of Running Into Things - With Your Head"
  51. To the Dogs (Or Whoever)
  52. Suzanne
  53. Blame It on the Tetons
  54. You Don't Make It Easy, Babe
  55. Me and Jiggs
  56. "I Was Going on a Trip"
  57. Welcome to Daytrotter
  58. "Baby Spice"
  59. Minds Eye
  60. The Other Side
  61. Remnant
  62. Naked as a Window
  63. "The Ferry to Wolverhampton"
  64. Lillian Egypt
  65. Labelship Down
  66. My Dublin Blues Song
  67. Black Velvet Band
  68. Make Me Down
  69. Peter Killed the Dragon (B-Side)
  70. Harbortown (B-Side)
  71. Why
  72. Darlin'
  73. Love Is Making Its Way Back Home
  74. See Me Through
  75. Blame It on the Tetons (B-Side)
  76. Heart's Ease
  77. I Got My Own Way
  78. In the Dark (demo)
  79. Lillian
  80. Something
  81. From Idaho to Boston to Ireland
  82. Chelsea Hotel No. 2
  83. About Animal Years
  84. Stuck to You
  85. Mercury
  86. Seeing Me 'Round
  87. A Big Enough Sky (Home Recording)
  88. Lighthouse Fire (Home Recording)
  89. Young Moses (Home Recording)
  90. Where The Night Goes (Home Recording)
  91. Henrietta, Indiana (Home Recording)
  92. Birds of the Meadow (Home Recording)
  93. Seeing Me Round (Home Recording)
  94. Cumberland (Home Recording)
  95. Homecoming (Home Recording)
  96. Getting Ready To Get Down (Home Recording)
  97. The Stone (Home Recording)
  98. My Man On A Horse (Is Here) (Home Recording)
  99. One Step Down
  100. In the Dark (live) (unplugged)
  101. Sarah
  102. Mexican Home (John Prine Cover)
  103. Thunderbolt's Goodnight
  104. Oh Lord, Pt. 3
  105. Silver Blade
  106. Ground Don't Want Me


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