1. Take Me Up With You, Dearie
  2. Ogalalla
  3. In Timbuctoo
  4. I'd Rather Two-Step Than Waltz, Bill
  5. That Is a Habit I Never Had
  6. Yankee Doodle Boy
  7. Mammy's Shufflin' Dance
  8. Nix on the Glow-Worm, Lena!
  9. Trans-Mag-Ni-Fi-Can-Ban-Dam-U-Al-I-Ty
  10. Somebody's Been Around Here Since I've Been Gone
  11. Dear, Sing, Sing
  12. Casey Jones
  13. I'm on My Way to Reno
  14. Taking a Trip Up the Hudson
  15. Wise Old Indian
  16. Big Chief Smoke
  17. In the Good Old Summer Time
  18. It Happens in Many Families
  19. The Pride of the Prairie
  20. What's the Matter With Father?
  21. Mary Ellen
  22. In the Land of the Buffalo
  23. Bedelia
  24. I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark
  25. When Father Laid the Carpet on the Stairs
  26. Rum Tum Tiddle
  27. Sympathy
  28. Hiram Green, Good-Bye
  29. Funny Nursery Rhymes
  30. A Lemon in the Garden of Love
  31. Stop, Stop, Stop
  32. My Mariuccia Take-A Steamboat
  33. Give My Regards to Broadway
  34. Foolish Questions
  35. Sullivan
  36. Save It for Me
  37. He's a College Boy
  38. Come Take a Skate With Me
  39. Who? Me?
  40. If Washington Should Come to Life
  41. One! Two! Three! All Over
  42. Are You Coming Out To-Night, Mary Ann?
  43. Good Evening, Caroline
  44. I'm Up in the Air About Mary
  45. In Washington
  46. He Goes to Church on Sunday
  47. I'm Glad I'm Married
  48. My Irish Molly 0
  49. Dixie Dan
  50. Old Mother Goose
  51. The Under Any Old Flag at All
  52. Jennie
  53. My Rosy Rambler
  54. I Was a Hero, Too
  55. It's Moonlight All the Time on Broadway
  56. Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis
  57. Waltz Me Around Again, Willie
  58. Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway
  59. Yankee Doodle's Come to Town
  60. When "Tommy Atkins" Marries "Dolly Gray"
  61. Make a Lot of Noise
  62. Mr. Wilson, That's All
  63. Sweet Italian Love
  64. I Used to Be Afraid to Go Home in the Dark
  65. You're a Grand Old Flag
  66. That's the Fellow I Want to Get
  67. Hannah
  68. If Mister Boston Lawson Has His Way
  69. Come, Take a Trip in My Airship
  70. Me an' De Minstrel Ban'
  71. You'll Do the Same Thing Over Again
  72. Because I'm Married Now
  73. Paddy's Day
  74. I've Got Rings On My Fingers
  75. Who Are You With To-Night?
  76. Teasing (I Was Only Teasing You)
  77. Harrigan


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