1. Put on Your Slippers, You're in for the Night
  2. I Want to Be Loved Like a Leading Lady
  3. When the Hammer on the Anvil Rings
  4. Eiley Riley
  5. I'm the Only Star That Twinkles on Broadway
  6. Hugo
  7. Taffy
  8. Mr. Editor, How Do You Know?
  9. Love Me Like I Like to Be Loved
  10. I'm in Love With the Slide Trombone
  11. Whistle and I'll Wait for You
  12. Sweet Marie
  13. He Never Even Said Good-Bye
  14. My Irish Rosie
  15. My Carolina Lady
  16. I'm Going to Do What I Please
  17. The Volunteer Organist
  18. Just Plain Folks
  19. She Forgot to Bring Him Back
  20. Poor John!
  21. Bandy Legs
  22. Keep a Little Cosey Corner in Your Heart for Me
  23. Pass It Along to Father
  24. Gwendolyn
  25. Before I Go and Marry, I Will Have a Talk With You
  26. You Will Have to Sing an Irish Song
  27. Jack and Jill
  28. He Lost Her in the Subway
  29. Virginia Song
  30. Just a Little Rocking Chair and You
  31. My Dad's Dinner Pail
  32. Any Little Girl, That's a Nice Little Girl, Is the Right Little Girl for Me
  33. My Little Dutch Colleen
  34. Don't Get Married Any More, Ma!
  35. Under the Matzos Tree
  36. So Long, Mary
  37. The Moon Has His Eyes on You
  38. Now I Have to Call Him Father
  39. Willie's Got Another Girl Now
  40. All She Gets From the Ice-Man Is Ice
  41. The Market on Saturday Night
  42. By the Light of the Silvery Moon
  43. You've Got to Take Me Home To-Night
  44. Arab Love Song
  45. Mandy Lane
  46. Beautiful Eyes
  47. Pay More Attention to Me
  48. I Want a Little Corner in Your Heart
  49. Playmates
  50. The Bullfrog and the Coon
  51. Let It Alone
  52. Irish Blood
  53. My Word
  54. If the Man in the Moon Were a Coon
  55. Hottentot Love Song
  56. Can't You See I'm Lonely
  57. My Lovin' Henry
  58. Ta-Ta, Au Revoir, I'm Going to Go
  59. Fancy Little Nancy
  60. The Songs My Mammy Sang to Me
  61. Oh Mr. Dream Man
  62. Smarty
  63. Oh You Blondy
  64. See-Saw
  65. Henny Klein
  66. Waiting at the Church
  67. I Remember You
  68. Arrah, Come in Out of the Rain, Barney McShane
  69. He's Me Pal
  70. You Ain't the Man I Thought You Was
  71. Wouldn't You Like to Have Me for a Sweetheart?
  72. I'm a Woman of Importance
  73. Says I to Myself Says I
  74. I’m Old Enough for a Little Lovin’
  75. All Aboard for Blanket Bay
  76. Beatrice Fairfax, Tell Me What to Do!
  77. Bring Back My Lovin' Man
  78. I Just Can't Make My Eyes Behave
  79. O'Brien Is Tryin' to Learn to Talk Hawaiian
  80. Put On Your Slippers, You’re In for the Night


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