The Pound Is Sinking Songtext
von Paul McCartney

The Pound Is Sinking Songtext

The pound is sinking
The peso's falling
The lira's reeling
And feeling quite appalling

The mark is holding
The franc is fading
The drachma's very weak
But everyone's still trading

The market's bottom
Has fallen right out
And only the strong are survivors

Well I fear, my dear
That it's eminently clear
That you can't see the trees
For the forest
Your father was an
Extraordinary man
But you don't seem to have inherited
Many of his mannerisms

Oh, any of his mannerisms

The dollar's moving
The rouble's rising
The yen is keeping up
Which hardly seems surprising

The market's bottom
Has fallen right out
And only the stout are survivors

Hear me lover
I can't be held responsible now
For something that didn't happen
I knew you for a minute
Oh, it didn't happen
Only for a minute
Your heart just wasn't in it any more

The pound is sinking
The peso's failing
The lira's reeling,
And feeling quite appalling

Appears on these albums
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