Adler sollen fliegen Übersetzung
von Pur

Adler sollen fliegen Songtext Übersetzung

Way up here where the air turns atmosphere
Only courage can face the eyes of fear
And the dream of flying is as big as life
Where .. without wings
The laws are defied, of gravity
The mountains like a runway to the sky

At the mercy of the winds there’s no room to lose control
‘Cause you’re risking everything but not life and not the goal
The skillfulness the daring and preparing for the run
When your pulse is raising downward, you’re ready to jump

Riding with the eagles, riding with the eagles
You’re riding with the eagles, far and free and high
Riding with the eagles, riding with the eagles
You’re riding with the eagles, far across the sky

Yadada da da da da da

To be able to go where few have gone
To give all that you have ever since you were young
Always knowing you were born to reach the top
With sweat and tears uncertainty has now ceased to exist
And with every triumph you feel as your soul and body lift
The one who dares to take the step, the one who goes beyond
To see and conquer what’s inside, has already won


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