Eviva España 2011 Übersetzung
von Peter Wackel

Eviva España 2011 Songtext Übersetzung

Yes, to Spain travel many Europeans
Because of sun, water and wine
One goes later others even earlier
Taking this direction by picking up their bags
Raincoats we just leave behind
In Spain rain you will not find

Chorus: The sun shines every day and night
Eviva Espana
Heaven knows how that can be
Eviva Espana
Our glasses are filled with Spanish wine
Eviva Espana
And everyone is just a matador
Espana por favor

You are fixed by the sound of the castanets
And the Flamenco keeps you in its ban
Would we have something like that at home
Then holiday at home would be so good
But this theory is just a bloody pain
In summer we will travel to Spain again

Chorus: The sun shines...

When you look at midnight out of your window
Then Spain looks so charmingly
Because instead of spooking ghosts
Caballeros with quitars walk around the house
Serenades whereever you might go
Like only on a live music show

Chorus: The sun shines...

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