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Weißt Du, wie viel Sternlein stehen English translation
von Nena

Weißt Du, wie viel Sternlein stehen Lyrics Übersetzung

Can you count the stars that brightly
twinkle in the midnight sky?
Can you count the clouds, so lightly
o'er the meadows floating by?

God, the Lord, doth mark their number,
with His eyes that never slumber;
He hath made them every one.

Can you count the wings now flashing
in the sunshine's golden light?
Can you count the fishes splashing
in the cooling waters bright?

God, the Lord, a name hath given,
to all creatures under Heaven;
He hath named them every one.

Do you know how many children
rise each morning blithe and gay?
Can you count their jolly voices,
singing sweetly day by day?

God hears all the happy voices,
in their merry songs rejoices;
and He loves them, every one.

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