Das gibt's nur einmal deutsche Übersetzung
von Lilian Harvey

Das gibt's nur einmal Lyrics Übersetzung

Am I crying? Am I laughing? Am I dreaming? Am I awake? Today I do not know what to do. Where I go, where I stand, people laugh at me. Today all fairy tales become true. Today everything becomes clear to me. Refrain: That happens only once. It does not come back, it's too good to be true. Like a miracle barges in from Paradise a golden glow. That happens only once, it does not come back, that's maybe just reverie. Life can give it only once, maybe tomorrow it's over. Life can give it only once, because every spring has only one May. Every couple believes the fairy tale. Love existes forever. But it will know, once it will say: give me your hand in farewell. Then the sky is no longer blue. Then you know it very well. Refrain: That happens only once. It does not come back ...

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