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Yeah baby take my hand
I have already packed everything
Come on, let's both go away from here
See the jet is fueled
I have money in the bank
And still plenty of places here
And whenever i see you
I will come around you never have to be alone again
Because whenever i see you
Makes it tick tick boom in me
Like dynamite
Aha and all the other girls would like to be like you
Aha because you are beautiful and dangerously clever
Ey yo and i hope you see me
I'm in love
And have no plan if you exist

But sometimes i only dream of you
Please say what do i have to do that you hear me
Because i would like to be with you today
And i think i think it would be cool if you were mine

I feel so alone
I dont know if you exist
And no matter how loud i scream, she doesnt hear me
But she is somewhere right now and maybe thinking of me
Hey baby please write if you exist

Every day on the go and i see a lot of girls
But baby ey i cant find you
And there are so many girls
They claim they are you
But i tell you that is not true
But i really have no plan and i wonder if you speak my language at all
But you are one of those who you shouldnt look for but meet on the street at some point
Aha and baby i wrote every song for you
Aha but i'm alone because she doesnt see me

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