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Einmal um die Welt Lyrics Übersetzung

Baby, please never worry about money again
Only give me your hand, I buy you the world tomorrow

No matter where you wanna go, we fly around the world
Leave immediately if you don't like it

[Strophe I:]
East, west, or north
Have the jackpot on board
Want to go from here via London
Straight to New York
Because from today on, I live
Every day as if I would be dead tomorrow
Walk through the park and throw
Money as if it were bread. (YEAH)
Only caviar, champagne or bubbly
Baby, I really fulfill your every wish with a kiss on the hand
Breakfast in Paris and then running in Hawaii
And to top it all, we go shopping in LA
So pack your toothbrush
Because from today on, you are home at more than just one place
With my babe hand in hand

And a safe on the wall
We can do what we want
And life is still long
So come on.


[Strophe II:]
She wants credit cards
And my rental car
She wants designer shoes and
a lot of them
No problem, then I'll buy
A whole castle for your shoes
She wants to wallow in money
And she wants to wear fur
She wants to drive fast
Drive once around the world
She can buy what she wanted but never had
Because I now have the American Express and it's the black one
So come on...

[Refrain 2x]

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