Run Me Dry deutsche Übersetzung
von Bryson Tiller

Run Me Dry Lyrics Übersetzung

Original Text
I think she love me, 'cause I got the check on me
Wan' spend the day and flex on me
Put a curse and hex on me
Scratch out my name, put the X on me
You should come check on me
Talk dirty and caress on me
Fuck it, might as well get undressed for me
Love how you get that pussy wet for me
Put a lot of stress on me
You used to obsess for me
Call the station and request for me
You done went and got a big head on me

You're running me dry
Oh girl, you're running me dry

zuletzt bearbeitet von Luisa (Itssssmeee) am 23. Oktober 2017, 22:05

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