Sorrows Songtext
von Bryson Tiller

Sorrows Songtext

Yeah, oh, yeah, ayy, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Baby, yeah, yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

When I′m lonely, baby
It's like my friends don′t know me
Girl, you used to be my homie (my homie)
Left me with a dream she sold me (dream you sold me, yeah)
Even the dreams get lonely
Left me here, three in the mornin'
Questionin' all the things you told me (things you old me)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

You got lost in thе heat of the moment
Baby if you need it, show it
And if you еver need it or want it, I got you, you know this
And, if you ever homе alone and need a little compagny, I′ll swing right over
Baby I′ll be right over
Invite me right over, over, over

I said I know, we ain't on the same page no more
And that′s a shame that we ain't, we used to be so close
And yes I′m down and I'm drownin′ in my sorrows, babe (baby, yeah)
Yeah, yeah

You don't miss me, babe
Don't know why you′re tryin′ to convince me, babe
Know there's been somebody else since me, babe
Think I might do the same, don′t tempt me, baby
Hit the party and get friendly
Honestly no, I don't got it in me
It′s no fun when you're not here with me
It′s no wonder you're not here with me, yeah

Yet you tell me there's no way
Yes, you tell me there′s no way, way, way (yeah, yeah)
She′s like, "How you figure?"
Girl, I seen you 'round here with him
Trust me, I heard all about him
Tell me where you found him
He won′t get around you
No, I won't allow it (no, no)
Guess it′s over now, if you think I don't know by now
Can we slow it down and sort it out, oh, oh

You got lost in the heat of the moment
Baby if you need it, show it
And if you ever need it or want it, I got you, you know this
And, if you ever home alone and need a little company, I′ll swing right over
Baby, I'll be right, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Seen what I said right?
Heard what I said right?
I'm a boss and you see it, right?
You took a loss and you see it, right?
We could stop, we could rewind
Would you call in the meantime?

Ain′t no problem, we′ll be fine
Would you come with me tonight?
All the stories you rewrite
That's a lie, what it seems like
You know you talkin′ to me, right?
You could tell me anything, right?
Yeah, you always got a green light
Yeah, you always, always, always, always, always

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