Trust Issues Songtext
von Bryson Tiller

Trust Issues Songtext

Oh yea, oh yea
Don′t call with that bitchin' don′t
Cause I might just say this

I don't care about no woman baby I don't mean no harm
Have been told that men are dogs and so I try not to be one
I don′t really give a fuck about no bitch and what she wants
Girl excuse my rude behaviour, no time for you
You′re playin' with the wrong one, nuh
You got the wrong one, nuh
Check that inbox on your phone hun
Leave me alone hun
I don′t want ya
And I don't give a fuck whatcha′ momma thinks
I'm a young nigga tryna do my thing
All you haters hop off my shit
Money to be got, but imma get that shit
Cos I don′t want ya, nah - yea
Fuck this I'm gone hun, nuh

Oh yea, oh yea
You know what I like
Oh yea, oh yea
Oh yea, oh yea
Oh yea, oh yea

You're in no position, don′t need your permission
To go do what I want even if I don′t trust these bitches
I don't, I don′t trust these bitches, there is no commitment
So I do what I want even if I go fuck these bitches
They might, they might catch some feelings
Ask me if i give it
Girl I just begun and I don't mix pleasure with business
I don′t, I don't love these bitches cos all these hoes be trippin′
I don't need to get away

Oh Whoa, trust issues
Oh Whoa, trust issues
Oh Whoa, trust issues
Oh Whoa, trust issues
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Yea, Uh
Tiller man hear me out
Every song another bitch get singled out
Won't say no names, but I really should
She didn′t never hesitate to put her business out
Lame niggas they be acting like they your friends
But I know they only want get under your clothes
Tell me why the fuck you ever let this nigga in
When you knew that he was only fucking woman over
Go to hell, go to hell, go to hell
You don′t even wear your white wings no more
Tell mah niggas I don't like weed no more
But fuck it imma blow till I don′t see no more
You can look at me and tell that I just ain't myself
And if I let all y′all change me then I hate myself i'm real
Tell them girls grin, they ain′t gotta worry bout a thang all my people getting in
I'm ok with it that's mah accent the crew but if she steppin with a dude imma be angry with him when I see him I

Here′s the shit that drives me crazy, oh
When it comes to love I′m kinda lazy
Why i never put the time in
I don't never feel the need to put the pressure on them
Ignore all my haters cos they love it when i mind them
They do, they do
Lets get wasted
Call up mah niggas, let′s all get faded

I mean like, I'm just saying like, I just can′t trust a hoe man, like for real like
These bitches they be tryna talk to me man
But you still tryna talk to me doe
Psshh, damn shame, what the fuck man, you bitches crazy
Do anything for a lil bit of fame
Just to get a lil bit of hype on your name
What the fuck man you hoes is crazy, I swear you hoes are crazy
I don't know what to do man you hoes are crazy
I don′t know what the fuck to do man i'm lazy, I'm fucking lazy
When it comes to love man, you, you, you, you
All ya′ll bitches
Fuck with a nigga though

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