Calamity Songtext
von ZAYN

Calamity Songtext

Nostalgia, what a funny feeling
I feel depleted from feelings I′ve been revealin'
It′s do or die, I'm not goin' willing
But when it′s time, wrap in white linen
I rap this, I say it for my sanity
Whatever the calamity, I did this for myself

Fuck all of your fantasies
You′re a snake, fell of the ladder
I prefer speakin' in analogies
I′ve had enough of all this wet
And I can't trust that you′re my family
I don't know what′s next
The brain dead, that I never miss

My brain lives with the cannabis
Can I resist the dark abyss?
Leave a mark on this with no start, just exist
My mind's in a prism shape
And in times like a prison state
There's no right that I feel of late
Thеre′s no light if my view′s at stake
And which life should I choose to take

What's left? Is it room or space?
They are rumors we have to face
I prefer sooner than after late
I seen actors after BAFTA′s be more straight
I mean down the barrel
I hear 'em sing, it′s the same carol
They're tryna sprint in a long run, Mo Farah

They′re tryna fix when it's long gone, don't bother
There′s no other, the thoughts shudders through most lovers
I wanna bed you, but still sleep is death′s, cousin
So two weeks is now four dozen
Years that pass by, can't press no rewind
Just watch my life by and lock the right ties

Nobody, nobody-ayy is listenin′ to me
Nobody, nobody-ayy is listenin'
Nobody, nobody-ayy is listenin′ to me
Nobody, nobody-ayy is listenin' to me

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