Wolf Larsen Songtext
von Wolf Larsen

Wolf Larsen Songtext

You take your coat, I'm gonna carry your name
But papa I will meet you on that train

They put your name up in that hall of fame
Cause the kids come a runnin out across a great, Great Plain
You called me twice, you said baby you like nice
And then you asked to speak to Momma

You said I'll bring my coat
You carry my name
Then baby, I will meet you on that train

It go mm-mm

With a laugh like a wheat field in June
And a smile like a Sunday groom
You took that car over to that bar
But Dorothy know just where you been

She said you get your coat
I'll sign your name
But Papa you better get back on that train

It's a dusty bowl and it's full of thieves
It's a dusty bowl, and it's all I need
When te wind come down on those prairie eaves
That's where you'll find me, I get down on my knees

One long note cross one long night
It's a midnight solo, I'm a sing it all my life
In the pourin' rain, and the midnight fame
Well Papa I can see you on that train

It go mm-mm

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