Jedi Songtext
von Wolf Larsen

Jedi Songtext

The hero she is sleeping
A Jedi princess keeping
A sword inside a song
She is the grimmest reaper reaping

There are dragons in your letters
There is hope of something better
But you wait and watch and see
And never show your heart to me

And the mother she is singing
And the worried hands are wringing
But it all goes to the sky
It's like a thousand rubies, spinning

But heroes are in theory
And my wooden heart is weary
Send me up into the sky
Like Diana in her fury

There is coffee on the table
There is paper, when you're able
Write the truth, the word, the name
To stitch forever to this fable

So I'm leaving for St. Thomas
Leaving you for old St. Thomas
For the dawn will always break your arms
That circle of your promise

But I know you will find me
Maybe deaf, dumb, or blind
But you will lift me like a Jedi
Like a diamond for the sky to wear at dawn.

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