Too Late Songtext
von Wiz Khalifa

Too Late Songtext


It's Wiz Khalifa man
This shit hot, right?

Now don't blink cause the flow is closer, don't think
True diplomat, no Jim Jones and no Pink
And the city wanna know what, except that I claim
Blackout be the gang, it's attached to my veins
And I don't got a problem giving naps to Elaine
Order every syllable, every rap to my name, ye
The grim reaper came back with a cane
That's me, spittin crack to your brain
Niggers, they can't stand me, ladies, they demand me
Damn your man's handy
And I'm the mayor when I blam with them hands
Have you seeing stars like you walk with them Grammies
Your reign was short, I'm running it now
Knock your teeth out for biting, now you be gunning my style
I keep it, honey I'm selling them, I'm the blackout
Put my sneakers to your face, you'll be running your mouth

It's too late nigga
It's too late nigga
Man, it's too late
Y'all niggas ain't early enough
It's my time nigga

And some say I'm contradictory
Cause I flow nice and spit I mean, trying to get green
Play it how I split teams
You'll be sixteen, storming nigga sixteen
Six two, feeling glock with a sick lean
Big dreams, only two words, get green
Which means never had no job
I spit, to keep it simple, the truth like no lies
No god, I know why
I make it clear, there's no reason for your life
And I make it ahead, see me speeding and blow by

You dudes fake, I see through you with closed eyes
And won't stop, till they can get rich
And make pay from the rap I spit
It ain't hard to tell, like a snitch, that I'm next on deck
And care less about who making the pay
Listen, it's too late

It's too late nigga
It's too late man
It's too late
Y'all dudes fake, pray for me
It's my time nigga

You catch rabies if you bite this hair
Safe to say I don't like to share, ye
You see I'm what the ladies want, so they like to stare
I'm a beast, I eat tracks and bite the snare
See I got blind eyes and they like the glare
Dudes hate cause I rock shit they like to wear
And I'll battle anybody who can fight the fan
Spit, crack, put the pipe in their ears
And my boys have the nigga broke down in a second
Shots split a clown into sections
Round your protection, I'm back at it like a crack addict
The fact I spit crack dog, I'm ass-backwards
I lay it down, bring a clown to his knees
See, we be a truce in D, ye
And niggas faking like they kicking cause they moving them keys
But if I shoot you I be doing a deed nigga

It's too late
It's too late nigga
It's too late man
It's too late
Y'all niggas ain't early enough
It's my turn nigga

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