Death of a Party Girl Songtext
von TV Girl

Death of a Party Girl Songtext

She was sexy she was sweet
Running barefoot in the street
Sipping wine out of a flask
Drinking vodka by the glass
Yeah she used to knock em back
As fast as they would line them up

Still sexy but she's sad
And the headaches coming on
Only dancing out of habit
She doesn't recognize the song
How can the nights be getting long
When time feels like it's speeding up

She used to crush the pill right between her fingers
It used to kill the feeling but now the feeling lingers
And she did the drugs for fun
But now she does them just to stay up

Incognito at the bar
She could tell he was a star
by the way he wore his baseball cap
Slung low across his eyes
While beauties live and die
These playboys stay forever young

Which handsome stylish rake
Puts his hands around her waist
As she stumbles up the stairs
In a state of perfect grace
They would hold her just to hold her
But now it's cuz she can't stand up

Running for the pleasure
Wearing down the flesh
And she has to go to sleep now
When she used to go to bed
Eyes closed because she felt it
But now it's cuz she can't wake up

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