Masterpiece Songtext
von The Temptations

Masterpiece Songtext

Where I was born everything was dull and dingy
(Money, I ain't got none)
I lived in a place they called the inner city
(Job, can't find one)
Getting ahead huh was strictly a no-no
(The streets raised me from a baby, ooh)
'Cause nobody cares what happens to
The folks that live in the ghetto

Thousands of lives wasting away
People living from day to day
It's a challenge just staying alive
'Cause in the ghetto only the strong survives

Broken down homes
Kids strung out
They don't even know
What life's all about
Stealin' cars, robbin' bars
Muggings, drugs, rat infested
And no one's interested

Kids dodging cars for recreation
Only adds to a mother's frustration
Break-ins, folks comin' home
And finding all their possessions gone

Oh, it's an every day thing
Well, well, in the ghetto
Oh, it's an every day thing in the ghetto

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