Among Us Songtext
von Susanne Sundfør

Among Us Songtext

There is a killer among us
Looking for kisses, looking for jars
He's a desperate soul, and he collects heart in jars
Ooooo, Save me from his face
Ooooo, Save me from his finesse

He claims the heavens
He covets hell
He dumps his bodies, Into wishing wells
Ooo Save me from his finesse
Oooo, Save me from his spell

He peeled off every vein I had
Until there was nothing left
But a black bloodless heart Still beating for him
I would die for him
But I wouldn't let him kill me
I am a stone covered with moss
A mauseoleum entangled in ivory
He made my heart,
He made my heart But he'll never reach my bone

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von Susanne Sundfør

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