Some Things Never Change Songtext
von Supertramp

Some Things Never Change Songtext

I went back my home town
To the school and walked around
And the way it felt
It seemed just like yesterday

From the cradle to the grave
Some say we never change
No matter how we try
We try to rearrange

Like father so like son
It's as if we're both as one
Just as if our fate was it was preordained

In some countries far from here
You know the ones we used to fear
Are they waiting to return to
Those old evil ways

You can take a correspondence course
Be single married or divorced
You can psychoanalyze your brain
But you know some things will never change

And what will those people do
When Russia starts anew
They'll just stand in line
All under a different name

You can listen to those brainwash tapes
Take a Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist faith
But I'm sure it's gonna be in vain
'Cos you know some things will never change

And if their theories already true
Then there's nothin' we can do
Where the future lies
It's not to hard to tell

But after all is said and done
And the world it lives as one
You can bid those old taboo's
A fond fare well

Yes, a fond fare well
A very long fare well

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