Above the Storm Songtext
von Stick Figure

Above the Storm Songtext

Have you ever felt the light of the moon?
Have you ever tried to scream in silence?
Never looked back, no use
All I ever wanted was to live on an island

Never let a good man down
Have you ever seen a sad man smiling?
I never understood this world
All I really want is to live it up, live it up now.

Live it up, live it up now
Above the Storm
Live it up, live it up now

Have you ever seen a break in the cloud?
The rain's falling down but the sunshine's shining
Do you ever get lost in the sound?
Turn it up loud, but the sound keeps dying

I wonder where you go when you die?
It's a mystery but I think our soul starts flying
I don't want to wait so long
All you got to do is live it up, live it up now

Live it up, live it up now
Above the Storm
Live it up, live it up now

Close your eyes for a moment,
Focus on the air that you breathe
Think good thoughts and now hold them,
Now you slip into a dream.

And now you slip away to another place
Above the storms and rain,
You're miles away, you're miles away

If you're just now waking up,
I want to send you all some love
And I do it just because
I'll find a way

Just like a tale as old as time
We've been having a good time
Paint the story of a life
Get high with me
I've been holding on for years
I've been facing all these fears
I'm not afraid

So when you put your head to rest
Man I wish you all the best
For this life we have been blessed
I could die today, give thanks and praise

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