Round the World Songtext
von Slightly Stoopid

Round the World Songtext

All around the world I′m seeing all them pretty girls
Only one I need and only thing that I been thinking 'bout is you girl you hey
You girl yeah yeah
Only fantasy and only one I want to see
Early in the morning only one that keeps me holding on is you
Always on my mind at any place at any time
Girl way you so fine controls the rhythm of my heart
And this is you girl you hey
You girl yeah yeah
Feel you in my soul it is my heart that you can know
Look into your heart your more than diamonds and some gold I need you
Girl, it is you

Hotter than anyone or anything I′ve have ever seen
Sexier than all the girls in all the magazines
And that's true girl you, yeah cool yeah
Sharper than a razor blade and still be burning me
Blazing on the freeway doing more than eighty-three
And that's cool

Favorite place to go is any place that we′s alone
Smelling finer than the Ocean got me putting down my phone
And that′s cool girl, you yeah cool yeah you
Hotter than the weather, love is harder than a stone
Anywhere we come together we can call it home
And that's you
Girl, it is you

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