Same Size Feet Songtext
von Stereophonics

Same Size Feet Songtext

A week's too long not to ring
she colours her hair and waits for him
No cat against dog
Just head over heals
Sex twice a date
Best time in years
Oh no why hasn't he phoned
She has to wait until he's on his own
Lying and denying so no body knows
I'll tell her this week is what he tells her to keep her on loan
He'll buy her one-day

sex drives, oral highs, cheated wives, and spies
Cream cakes, coffee dates, floral gifts, goodbye
Passed away for the day had a change of kind
Sex change too mundane for the average mind
Oh no she just can see
Where he is or where he's been
Looked prim and straight like she's always been
All that she saved for went missing again

She could be
She could be
She could be wrong
She could be
She could be
She could be wrong
She could be
She could be
She could be wrong
It looks like
It looks like the words got around

They found
A body in the lake
It wasn't really his name
Same colour, same weight, same size feet
It's the not knowing that kills you
Oh no the clocks stopped slow
everytime you're on your own
Ya' hide from the spies so nobody knows
scratch through the pages of the lazy days news for a clue
Still looking for you!

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