Gründung 1990


21 (Compilation)


  1. One of Those Days
  2. Sway (alternative version)
  3. Yesterday Today (alternative version)
  4. Another Girl’s Name
  5. Fly Me
  6. Giving It All Away
  7. Do Yourself a Favour
  8. Flowers
  9. Vanishing Trick (live)
  10. Dreams (demo)
  11. The Riverboat Song
  12. The Day We Caught the Train
  13. I Need a Love Song
  14. The Circle
  15. Huckleberry Grove
  16. You’ve Got It Bad (demo)
  17. Policeman & Pirates
  18. 40 Past Midnight
  19. One for the Road (single mix)
  20. Get Away (live)


  1. Hundred Mile High City
  2. Expensive Chair
  3. Spark and Cindy (BBC session)
  4. Travellers Tune
  5. Half a Dream Away
  6. On the Way Home
  7. Better Day
  8. Big Star
  9. Get Blown Away
  10. It’s a Beautiful Thing
  11. Song of a Baker
  12. July (single version)
  13. I Am the News (New version)
  14. So Low
  15. Hoping You’re Making It Too
  16. Step by Step
  17. Profit in Peace (single edit)
  18. This Understanding (live)
  19. The Waves
  20. Soul Driver (live)
  21. All or Nothing (live)


  1. Mechanical Wonder
  2. In My Field (demo)
  3. Hanging Around (demo)
  4. Can’t Get Back to the Bassline
  5. Free on the Wind
  6. Give Me a Letter
  7. These Are the Ones
  8. Up on the Downside
  9. You Are Amazing
  10. We Made It More Deutsche Übersetzung von Ocean Colour Scene - We Made It More
  11. Easy Love (demo)
  12. Crazy Lowdown Ways
  13. North Atlantic Drift (live)
  14. Will You Take Her Love
  15. I Wanna See the Bright Lights Tonight
  16. Second Hand Car (live)
  17. For Every Corner
  18. Make the Deal (single edit)
  19. On My Way
  20. I Just Need Myself
  21. Oh Collector (live)
  22. Golden Gate Bridge (live)


  1. Free My Name
  2. Make It Better
  3. God's World
  4. Have You Got the Right
  5. This Day Should Last Forever
  6. Another Time to Stay
  7. The Word (BBC session)
  8. Still Trying (BBC session)
  9. I Won't Get Grazed (Jam House)
  10. My Time (Jam House)
  11. I Told You So
  12. For Dancers Only
  13. Jimmy Wonder
  14. I Just Got Over You (radio edit)
  15. Loneliest Girl in the Whole Wide World
  16. These Days I’m Tired
  17. Go to Sea (acoustic) (XFM session)
  18. Dawn Cried the Day
  19. Magic Carpet Days
  20. Sing Children Sing
  21. Old Pair of Jeans
  22. Saturday (XFM session)
  23. Twenty One


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