A Thousand Trees Songtext
von Stereophonics

A Thousand Trees Songtext

Standing at the bus stop
with my shopping in my hands
when I'm overhearing elderly ladies
as the rumours start to fly
Hear them in the school yard
in the scrap yard
in the chip shop
in the phone box
in the pool hall
at the shoe stall
every corner turned around

It started with a school girl
who was running
running home to her mam and dad
told them she was playing
in the change room
of her local football side
They said tell us again
she told them again
they said tell us the truth
I find it hard to believe
cause he taught our Steve
he even trained me
taught Uncle john
who's a father of three


It only takes one tree
to make a thousand matches
only takes one match
to burn a thousand trees

You see it in the class room
in the swimming pool
where the match stick men are made
at the scouts hall
at the football
where the wise we trust are paid
They all honour his name
he did a lot for the game
he got his name knocked up
above the sports ground gates
Now they're ripping them down
stamping the ground
picture gathers dust
in the bar


Wake up and smell the rain
shake up he's back to stay
he hasn't been on a holiday
growing seeds don't believe
why he's been away

In the school yard
change room
playing fields
phone box
office blocks
corners turned around
They keep doubting the flame
tossing the blame
got his name knocked up
above the sports ground gates
Now they're ripping them down
stamping the ground
pictures gathers dust
in the bar in the lounge


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