Masterplan Songtext
von Stefanie Heinzmann

Masterplan Songtext

Don't speak, sit and listen
you can whisper, but don't you shout
They say don't fight it
coz you won't beat it
so check you're thinking
and watch your mouth I but you can shake down
turn that as around
don't let em sell you out
you'll see you're better
than you think you are
and finally
this oportunity
now whats it gonna be
so won't you tell me
tell me yeah

(what are you gonna do?)
gonna raise the pressure (where are you going to?)
I know my destination (why don't you understand?)
gonna make my move (it's all in the masterplan)

Messin up the masterplan I save your questions, no opinions
Take a backseat and now you're place
there ain't no room for imperfection
don't want your ideas, don't like your face

you don't have to, do what they tell you to
ain't got no hold on you
you see you're better than you think you are
it's your time, ain't gonna you're pass you by
these rules they don't apply
you better tell me tell me yeah

(what are you...)
(what are you gonna do)
kick it into action (where are you going to?)
I'll take my own direction

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