This All Too Mobile Home Songtext
von Steely Dan

This All Too Mobile Home Songtext

I get four or five miles a gallon in this old car
I don't care as long as it takes me to where you are
You ain't leavin' no tracks to follow
It's driving me mad but what else can I do?
This all too mobile home
Is calling out for you
You were thirty miles out of Phoenix on a three-day drive
When you left to find the angular number five
You slammed the door behind you
You walked out on the life that we once knew
This all too mobile home
Is calling out for you
Well, they say it's Salt lake city
But now we're man on man
Take your hand outta my pocket
Don't put it in again
You get married in San Diego
And these times that roll out need to be brought on through
This all to mobile home
Is calling after you
Well, this all too mobile home is killing me
And there's nothing that you can do to set me free
Darling, oh now, darling, come back to me...

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