Warrior Songtext
von Roo Panes

Warrior Songtext

Are you done yet, have you had enough?
Know you've got something in your blood
They can kick you, they can be true
But your heart belongs to love

Oh you're a warrior
Oh you're a warrior

I knew from day one
It feels like everything
Has been trying to rob me with your innocence
You gotta hold on
Oh don't let it go
Oh it's the heart of lost magnificence

I sing, I'm a warrior
Oh, I'm a warrior

Oh, it's never gonna happen
They'll never bring you down
You're walking into victory
Even in the darkest star
You used to hold it in
But it's time to let it out
All that joy that's hidden within you
Oh it's time to hear the sound

Sing, I'm a warrior
Sing, I'm a warrior

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