Little Giant Songtext
von Roo Panes

Little Giant Songtext

Thought that I was in my prime,
But I was naked dressed in my pride.
You saw through the things I hide,
Yet still said be yourself you'll turn out all-right.

You made me run like I'd never run,
Try like I had never tried,
Fight like had never fought,
Made me want it.

I'm always saying I'll make it right my dear,
Cos losing you is my greatest fear.
I know I found all the blame this side,
But still you say be yourself you'll turn out all-right.

Who said it's easy to feel loved,
When you look over your shoulder,
And only see the wasteland,
You've just got to carry what you can,
Have the heart of a giant but know you're a man.
Start small, grow tall.

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