Tiger Striped Sky Songtext
von Roo Panes

Tiger Striped Sky Songtext

Pouncing ray to ray to through the dappled shadows,
Light was pouring down upon the stepping-stones,
It felt like morning coming for its throne,
But I don′t know why it looked like a tiger striped sky.

Well, half the world was pulling on its colours,
As night surrendered day to the hours,
Glow was coming down, coming down,
I don't know why but it felt like a tiger striped sky.

Tell me why I′m underneath this tiger striped sky!

Tired of seeing adventures on a café wall,
I think I'll take a turn from the known road,
I think I'll write a tale of my own,
I′m going southbound to where the ocean′s flirting with the coast.

I'll be giving up my stripes,
Be painting with new colours beginning with dove white!

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