World Keeps Turning Songtext
von Richard Ashcroft

World Keeps Turning Songtext

It's been a long time since I've been round here
I'm driving so fast that the trees disappear around me
Everything I know or have known before
It's here in my mind, I think you know the score

The world keeps turning, everybody's learning
Keeping up the race, it's the human despair
On my blocks every night trying to figure out what's wrong yet right
Oh, just a psychedelic thing, I'll bring you love, anything
But the tears will flow just like the blood on the streets, yeah

It's been too long since we sat down here and talked
It's been too long, you know we separated
It's been so long, I wish that I could build a bridge
It's been so long, I cannot see through it

The world keeps turning, everybody's learning
Keeping up the race
I've money to spend and time to lend all my friends
Everything's right in my life again
Oh, babe, don't you take it away
And give me days that were black and grey
In all the corners of my mind?

Turned entwined into another guy
Oh, hit a hypocrite
Yes, if I turn my words, they twirl and combine
They mix in your head
And make you think that I'm singing right to you
It's okay if you want
I'll give you the time, the money to run
You could be the president
If you get that far, then give me some help

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