60 Thompson Songtext
von Razorlight

60 Thompson Songtext

The bell boy brings you coffee,
There are letters from every shore,
There are flowers of the season,
Heels are capsized by the door.

You′re well protected,
Cold as you must be to survive,
But I know somewhere behind your barricade,
There's a love that can be made.

And in my blood
Your ghost is crying living tears
And I can′t switch them off
Or turn them down or out.

You are a night flower,
You bloom as I fade
And you drag me in deeper,
Behind your barricade
With the love that can be made,
Behind your barricade.
Yes and how long can I stay?

And this addition of yourself,
You don't believe in anymore.
We'll face the chat show at 8.30
And we′ll freeze in the applause.
Who am I to argue?
Here everybody must get paid.
May you bloom forever,
Behind your barricade.

Looking for a love that can be made,
Behind your barricades.
Yes and how long can I stay,
Behind your barricades?
Where true arrows seldom stray

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