Lam-'bras Songtext
von Project Pitchfork

Lam-'bras Songtext

Drunk noise, wake up drawning in the mind
Wake up, far away a ring, wake up
Climbing steps, follow me, wake up, dead

A world is broken down
Yesterdays laugh far away
Realizing the reality
Tell me why
Who can tell me why?
Realizing the reality

Give me answers now
Needing help from anywhere
Searching books and theories
Trying to understand

Covered answers in the mind
Needing help from anywhere

Searching, trying, flying
Wings which bring confusion
A light far away
Hiding in reality
Feelings waving up and down
World′s turning
Round and round
Everything looks crazy
Life's got no break
Chosen the shock to understand

This here isn′t inside
This here is the outside

Way and illumination Weg und Erleuchtung

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