Souls Songtext
von Project Pitchfork

Souls Songtext

The sun rises every morning
But why are we so sure?
I′m looking out of the window
Empires arise and fall

(We've been...)

We′ve been so long together
Forgotten hopes and pleasure
But when the time is right
We'll open our hearts
And disclose the treasure

So there are you
And here am I
Let's realize our dream
The time is right
Try to read between the lines

We′ve been running
Over battlefields
From century to century to century
Nothing wrong nothing right
There was no day
There was no night

We took every painful step
Life for life and side by side

But finally look around
Some are lost and some are found
Lass die Erinnerung erwachen
I love you, I love you

So here are you
And here am I
Let′s realize our dream

So here are you
And here am I
I'm still waiting for you

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