Alpha Omega (extended, remastered) Songtext
von Project Pitchfork

Alpha Omega (extended, remastered) Songtext

Imagine a child
Living in a dark place
Being accused of being a failure
Nothing is right
Everything is wrong

Imagine this child
Growing up in a world
Which pays no attention
To its positive behavior
Always noticing
The bad things

Imagine a person
Appearing on this scene
Giving love
Giving back its selfesteem
This child will turn away
From its hopeless past
And continue its life
In conscience and trust

The same could be with humanity

Alpha Omega
Alpha and Omega

Small things are big
Huge things are small
Tiny acts have huge effects
Everything counts
Nothing's lost

Imagine a crayfish
Thrown into boiled water
It will try to escape
As fast as it can

But imagine this crayfish
Put into clear cold water
And imagine this water
Slowly heated up
This crayfish will stay motionless
Until he's cooked to death

Same happens to humanity

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