Demi Moore Songtext
von Phoebe Bridgers

Demi Moore Songtext

Take a dirty picture, babe
I can′t sleep and I miss your face
In my hands and in my knees
Tell me what you wanna do to me
Tell me what you'll do, please

I don′t wanna be alone
I don't wanna be alone anymore

You got quiet on the other line
Said the sun was coming up and I
Laughed until I couldn't breathe
Now I′m too tired to go to sleep
Now I can′t breathe and I can't sleep
I don′t wanna be stoned
I don't wanna be stoned anymore

Don′t wanna be alone
Don't wanna be alone anymore

I could, I could feel alone
I got a good feeling
It doesn′t happen very often

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