Scott Street Songtext
von Phoebe Bridgers

Scott Street Songtext

Walking Scott Street, feeling like a stranger
With an open heart, open container
I′ve got a stack of mail and a tall can
It's a shower beer, it′s a payment plan
There's helicopters over my head
Every night when I go to bed
Spending money and I earned it
When I'm lonely, that′s when I′ll burn it

Do you feel ashamed
When you hear my name?

I asked you, "How is your sister?
I heard she got her degree"
And I said, "That makes me feel old"
You said, "What does that make me?"
I asked you, "How is playing drums?"
You said, "It's too much shit to carry"
"And what about the band?"
You said, "They′re all getting married"

Do you feel ashamed
When you hear my name?

Anyway, don't be a stranger
Anyway, don′t be a stranger

Don't be a stranger

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