Working All the Week Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Working All the Week Songtext

Get home early in the morning
Cigarettes on the floor
Weekdays are fuckin' boring
Drink more alcohol
Don't listen to the Doctor's warning
I can hardly crawl
As Mother Mary comes to me
I just get another drink and I watch TV, yeah

Working hard all night
Days are passing by
Got no money
But I'm working all the week
Wait for Friday night
Friends and companians
Sex and drinking
That's my only dream

Get a big house near the ocean
Paid from my low wage
Sell my mother for a good promotion
Slave to modern age
No time for hesitation
Fly into a rage
Won't let their law authorize
Won't believe in goverment and its fuckin' lies, no

It smells stinky the air you breathing
Wake up for better dreaming
No one can hear you screaming
As you're hypnotyzed you can see only lies
but you now realize
you can go another way too

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