My Confession Songtext
von Nick Carter

My Confession Songtext

I just tried to figure it out
Whats wrong is in your head
Every time i look around
Someone isnt there
I wanna ask you why
But Every time i try you cry
And i want you to know
When you flowing the space

And i want you to know
If you ever come back down

And I need to know

I wanna breath you
I want feel you near
This is my confession
I wannna see what you see when you cry those tears
Gimme just a second
What am i to do?
Maybe it's obsession
This is mt confession

I confess
Every time i come around
Somethings always got you down
And i don't understand why
If you wanna tell me
I'll be you angel in you shoulder baby
I'll be the man that you can find but i

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