Introduction (Mike Posner / Keep Going) Songtext
von Mike Posner

Introduction (Mike Posner / Keep Going) Songtext

What up though?
You are about to listen to the mixtape, Keep Going
The mixtape is 52 minutes long and is best
Listened to front to back, with no interuptions
That means no e-mail, no texts, no phone, etc.
If you do not have 52 minutes of undivided attention to devote
I politely and humbly ask you
Turn this off and come back at a later time

By the time you hear this
I will be in the middle of the hardest journey of my life
That is, I will be walking, yeah walking
From the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
I will not fail

I created this project, these songs
And these affirmations
To remind myself who I am when things get hard
I hope they can provide you the same strength

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