El Paso City Songtext
von Marty Robbins

El Paso City Songtext

From thirty thousand feet above
The desert floor, I see it there below
A city with a legend
The west Texas city of El Paso

Where long ago I heard a song
About a Texas cowboy and a girl
And a little place called Rosa′s
Where he used to go and watch this beauty whirl

I don't recall who sang the song
But I recall the story that I heard
And as I look down on the city
I remember each and every word

The singer sang about a jealous cowboy
And the way he used a gun
To kill another cowboy
Then he had to leave El Paso on the run

El Paso City by the Rio Grande
The cowboy lived and rode away
But love was strong, he couldn′t stay
He rode back just to die in that El Paso sand

El Paso City by the Rio Grande
I try not to let you cross my mind
But still I find there's just a mystery
In the song that I don't understand

My mind is down there somewhere
As I fly above the badlands of New Mexico
I can′t explain why I should know
The very trail he rode back to El Paso

Can it be that man can disappear
From life and live another time?
And does the mystery deepen ′cause you think
That you yourself lived in that other time?

Somewhere in my deepest thoughts
Familar scenes and memories unfold
These wild and unexplained emotions
That I've had so long but I have never told

Like every time I fly up thru the heavens
And I see you there below
I get the feeling sometime
In another world I lived in El Paso

El Paso City by the Rio Grande
Could it be that I could be
The cowboy in this mystery
That died there in that desert sand so long ago?

El Paso City by the Rio Grande
A voice tells me to go and see
Another voice keeps tellin′ me
Maybe death awaits me in El Paso

El Paso City

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