Beyond Beautiful Songtext
von Lord of the Lost

Beyond Beautiful Songtext

I′d love to hate you and i hate to say good bye
Although it's real i′ve been living in a lie
The more i know the more i hate
I have to run
I deceive myself
It's like necking with a gun
For this time i start to realize that life's a bitch
She hits you in the face and gives and tender judas kiss
Every thought is like salt in my wounds
Until they′re scarred i think she′s bothering you too
In a different place
No expectations just our will

I am losing you pace by pace / When i look at your perfect face
You're Beyond Beyond Beautiful
I hate to love you but i do i cant deny
I found myself by losing you in better lies
It′s 5 past 12 maybe i was still too young
I will hurt myself by hurting you on my ego run
In a different place
No expectations just our will
For the last time your perfect face
Pale and dead
When i carry you to your grave
You're Beyond Beautiful

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