See You Soon Songtext
von Lord of the Lost

See You Soon Songtext

I don′t wanna see and i don't wanna hear
The shadow of the arriving bat
Please don′t release me when you see me falling
Into the moaning grounds death

I will disband – my heart in your hands

Will you tell me – see you soon in a while
When my eyes fade please give me your smile
And even dark nights are ending in dawn
You'll have time to cry when i'm gone

Devour me and fill my heart with courage
Give me wings and camouflage the scar
Rip out my lungs and kill my fever
Bring me back to the alluring grounds of love

I will disband – my heart in your hands

This is not farewell this is only good bye
When my lips fade please kiss them good night
But even bright days are starting in dawn
You′ll have time to cry when i′m gone

All the happy faces – and memories are killing me
Am i already dreaming
Please tell me that i only sleep...

Close the circle come to an end
Metamorphosis begins
Please hold your promise and let me forsake
Metanoia and the laughing grounds of hate

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