Meet Me Inside Songtext
von Lin‐Manuel Miranda

Meet Me Inside Songtext

Lee, do you yield?

You shot him in the side!
Yes, he yields!

I'm satisfied!

Yo, we gotta clear the field

Go, we won

Here comes the General!

This should be fun

What is the meaning of this?!
Mr. Burr, get a medic for the General

Yes, sir

Lee, you will never agree with me
But believe me, these young men don't speak for me
Thank you for your service

Let's ride!



Meet me inside

Meet him inside
Meet him inside
Meet him inside
Meet him—
Meet him inside


Don't call me son

This war is hard enough without in-fighting

Lee called you out, we called his bluff

You solve nothing, you aggravate our allies to the south!

You're absolutely right, John should've shot him in the mouth
That woulda shut him up


I'm not your son

Watch your tone
I am not a maiden in need of defending or—

Charles Lee, Thomas Conway
These men take your name and they rake it through the mud

My name's been through a lot
I can take it

Well, I don't have your name
I don't have your titles
I don't have your land
But if you—


If you gave me command of a battalion
A group of men to lead
I could fly above my station
After the war

Or you could die
And we need you alive

I am more than willing to die

Your wife needs you alive
Son, I need you alive!

Call me son one more time!

Go home, Alexander
That's an order from your commander


Go home!

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