96,000 Songtext
von Lin‐Manuel Miranda

96,000 Songtext

Dollers? Holla.
Yo, somebody won!
If I won the lotto tomorrow
Well I know
I wouldn't bother going on no spending spree
I'd pick a business school and pay the entrance fee
Then maybe, if you're lucky, you'll stay friends with me.
I'll be a business man,
Richer than Nina's daddy,
Donald Trump and I on the links,
And he's my caddy
My money's making money, I'm going from po' to moto
Keep the bling, I want the brass ring like Frodo!

Oh no, there goes Mr. Braggadocio
Next thing you know, you're lying like Pinnochio

Well if you're scared of the bull, stay out of the rodeo!

Yo, I got more hoes than a phone book in tokyo!

Ooh, you'd better stop rappin'
You're not ready
It's gonna get hot and heavy and you're already sweaty-


Yo, I'm sorry, is that an answer?
Shut up, go home and pull your damn pants up!
As for you, Mr. Frodo of the shire, 96 gs ain't enough to retire

Come on, I'll have enough to knock your ass of its axis!

You'll have a knapsack full of jack after taxes!
Ay, alabanza!
No me diga!
I never win shit!
For real, though,
Imagine how it would feel going real slow
Down the highway of life
With no regrets
And no breaking your neck for respect or a paycheck
For real, though, I'll take a break from the wheel
And we'll throw the biggest block party, everybody here
It's a weekend when we can breathe, take it easy

Yo! ma, it's me, check my tickets!

Check one two three what would you do with 96 gs?

Who, me?

I mean, if it's just between you and me-

Esa pregunta es tricky!

I know!

With 96 gs,
I'd start my life with a brand new lease
Atlantic city with a malibu breeze
And a brand new weave-

Or maybe just bleach...

Y'all are freaks

Yo, I'm just sayin...
It's silly when we get into
These crazy hypotheticals
You really want some bread
Then go ahead, create a set of goals
And cross them off the list as you pursue them
And with those 96 I know precisely what I'm doing

What you doing?

What am I doing? What am I doing?
It takes most of that cash just to save my ass from financial ruin
Sonny can keep the coffee brewin'
I'll spend a few on you
Cause the only room with a view's a room with you in it
And I could give Abuela Claudia the rest of it
Just fly me down to Puerta Plata, I'll make the best of it
You really love this business?


Tough, Merry Christmas
You're now the youngest tycoon in Washington Hiznits

Yo, with 96,000, I'd finally fix housing
Give the barrio computers and wireless web browsing
Your kids are living without a good edumacation change the station,
Teach them about gentrification, the rent is escalating (what?)
The rich are penetrating (what?)
We pay our corporations
When we should be demonstrating (what?)
What about immigration? (what?)
Politicians be hating (what?)
Racism in this nation's gone
From latent to blatent!


I'll cash my ticket and picket
Invest in protest
Never lose my focus 'til the
City takes notice
And you know this, man!
I'll never sleep
Because the ghetto has a million promises for me to keep!

You are so cute!

I was just thinking off the top of my head.

96k go

If I win the lottery
You'll never see me again.

Damn, we only jokin
Stay broke, then!

I'll be downtown
Get a nice studio
I'll get out of the barrio

For real, though (If I win the lottery)
Imagine how it would feel
Goin' real slow
Down the highway of life (You'll wonder where I've been)
With no regrets
And no breakin' your neck for respect
Or a paycheck -

It's silly when we get into these crazy hypotheticals, (I'll be downtown)
You really want some bread then go ahead,
Create a set of goals and cross them off the list as you pursue em', (see you around)
And with those 96 I know precisely what I'm doing!

Check one two three (If I win the lottery)
And with the Dollah Dollah
With 96 g's
We get to hollah hollah
Between you and me (you won't see a lot of me!)
We rock the hot impala
With 96 g's (I'll be downtown)
We movin' on tomorrah
A brand new lease
We rock beyond manana
A malibu breeze (See you around)
We drop the mama drama
We stop at the Bahamas
Woah, woah woah
I'll be downtown!
We could pay off the debts we owe!
We could tell every one we know!
I could get on a plane and go
We'd be swimmin in dough, yo
No tip-to in
We'll get the dough 'n'
Once we get goin
We never gonna stop
We'll get the dough n'
Once we get goin',
We're never gonna
Ninety six thousand!
We'll get the dough 'n
Ninety six thousand
Once we get goin'
Ninety six thousand!
We'll get the dough 'n'
Once we get the goin'
We're never gonna stop

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