I'm So Hood Songtext
von Lil Wayne

I'm So Hood Songtext

DJ KHALED! We the best
Who, we nigga? We the best
This the remix, the I'm so hood remix
I'm making movies - I'm SO HOOD! REMIX!

I'm so HOOD! Yeah, I wear my pants below my waist
And I never dance when I'm in this place
Cause you and your man is planning to hate
I'm so HOOD! And I got these golds up in my mouth
If you get closer to my house then you know what I'm talking bout
I'm out the HOOD! And if you feel me put your hands up
HOO-OOD! My hood niggas can you stand up
I'm so HOOD! If you not from here you can walk it out
And you not hood if you don't know what I'm talkin bout
(I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm - SO, HOOD!)

We always gonna be the best man, we run this man
I make hit records, man, this is what I do
I'm out the. this the remix
Put 'em up, put 'em up, put 'em up
I gave you "We Takin' Over" (yo Khaled)
Ayo Jeezy (I got 'em, homie)

I'm so H to the double-O D
Walk around there's goddamn money on me
Pockets so fat it don't make no sense
Whips so clean don't need no tints
Watch so bright don't need no light
You know where it were don't need no mic
Niggas like Young what you get for your show
Tell 'em same thing I used to get for the blow
Set em on the raw nigga what I got to lose
Put 'em in the Vans - I ain't talking bout the shoes
Do the speed limit watch out for the lights
Pussy ass niggas gotta watch out for the dykes
Seventeen five, yeah nigga I said it, seventeen five, yeah nigga I meant it
And when we do it bad, but I'm doing good - I'm so, I'm so, I'm so motherfuckin' (HOOD)

In my hood - LUDA...
Everybody come equipped with bangers(BLAOW)
Throwin' up our middle fangers (what)
And you know I don't slip so I gotta keep ten in the clip and one in the chamber
Better be walking with angels and never take candy from strangers (okay)
Through the stress and strife, had to earn my stripes like I played with the Bengals (WHOOO) (HOOD)
I'm in the zone homes, goin' for the two-point conversion (oh)
I'm so hood that Ludacris shoulda been on the original version (yup)
But this is the remix, with the cheap tricks, hittin sweet licks
And I cut the braids off but the waves and the fade'll make you sea-sick (OHHH)
See this is the way that we ball (hey), and this is the way that we brawl
So put a fist in the air if you care that united we stand and divided we fall
When the South's in the house better watch your mouth
Cause we on that hood shit I'm hood rich, comin' around your hood bitch, I swear I'm so...

Khaled, they actin' like we ain't
The kings of the streets and the gods of the hood

See all I know is how to go and get my money g-gain and again
Top down let the money blow in the wind
With a bad bitch sitting in the passenger seat
With a doobie-wrapped head full of bobbie pins
You know I keep that thing when I walk
See the dialect different from the slang in my talk
Baby still leaving got a crackhead fronting got another bad bitch that'll boost for the spark (HOOD)
I'm used to leaving the strip last
Hustlin' until the sun comes up getting cash
So much bread in all of my four pockets
It look like a nigga got hips with an ass
And from the DNA in my blood niggas idolize me and try to do what I does
And if that other nigga ain't really from the hood you can easily die take who that fake nigga was (HOOD)
And even though I spit a little rap
Got niggas in the hood try to sell the most crack
Violator I send a nigga to do it just to make you spend a lot of money
Just to get your shit back
Y'all niggas know where I'm from and I rep it to the fullest til the day that I'm done
So hood where we live if a nigga sold drugs and he rich momma still proud of her son (HOOD)

Daddy Fat Sacks so hood like a Cadillac ornament on from the Baby-lon
Call an ambulance to come and pick that ass up cause the nigga never had the chance
They try, to dance with the devil in a pale moonlight,
Advance on a level that they can't do right
Lay hands on a fella like a man in blue lights - (WHOOP, WHOOP) do it twice
Your boy the B-I-G
I'm nicer than MC on your top three
You cocky, I cock, squeeze
Bust them things now you sloppy
Speed it up, slow it down then screw it,
Don't bite the flow cause I got that fluid
Run through the crew on some whole other new shit, newness bitch we do this

Alright. Weezy
I'm so Hollygrove, New Orleans, Lil Weezy-ana
Home sweet Home De-pot you will need a hammer, it go
Down like Frasier, I ain't talking Kelsey Grammer
I be, shittin' on you boys I need an Alka-Seltzer sandwich (HOOD)
Since I heard Plies I done bought the Phantom back
Went and got me a fifty-two inch Maybach
I'm eating like a big dog I'm so full
I'm so good, I'm so straight, you so fake, I'm so real, I'm so (HOOD)

Coca, ghetto gatka, haha
Yup, crack, crack, crack, cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cr

Yeah nigga, welcome to the Crackhouse
I should own a McDonald's the way I bring the Macs out
I'm from the hood where, every nigga lies
Flip a couple grams they tell you they baking pies, shit (HOOD)
Still got my name carved in that central booking
Gave that pussy a scar and told her good looking
Youse a crack baby (crack), that means your Momma paid me
You can't even blame me, that's what the hood made me

Martin Luther King (MLK), Calliope, Magnolia, Melphamine
Getting that money with the triple beam, see ride of Clyde your Josephine
Saints is my team that's what we breathe nigga
That's how we eat, get this money on the streets nigga (HOOD)
VL my street blood, five star G blood
Fly as a bird, got these Eagles on my seat, blood
Then hit back where I stay, Third Ward we get that cake
Thirteen is where I lay, shots out to MIA (HOOD)

Mo' money, mo' problems, don't call me conceited (nope)
Just call me the boss, always got what you needed
MIA oh so hot but my neck got the fever
If you sneeze you get shot, gunplay making believers (HOOD)
I just bought me a ranch, watch the hundreds stacks
No those ain't Rolex diamonds (nah) - WHAT YOU DONE TO THAT
You fools fugazi, my fools from Haiti
I moves em daily, it's a movie baby (HOOD)

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