Grindin' Songtext
von L'A Capone

Grindin' Songtext

24/7 we out here grindin' (we grindin')
Line a nigga up in perfect timing (timing)
We blitz these niggas like defense lineman (lineman)
We scoring while these niggas dyin' they dyin

600 savage, and I got hitters that will get em' gone
On my block the smallest shorty got the biggest pole
Fuck the jakes, my niggas know, stick to the code
Call up L'A we smoking dope, this shit too strong
We out here grindin' we out here in it, just tryna get it
We got 30's, you can run a little distance, but it ain't no missing
Middle fingers, to the opposition, niggas come up missing
Better lay low, cause all that dissin' get him on the hitlist
Blow more loud, I got me a pill, I might just roll one
Rondo gone blow, I rep that 6, bitch double that O'
Tay 600 thats my team bitch them my bros'
We out here grindin' we out here grindin'
Thats all I know, let's get it

600 we come we starting riots (riots)
Smoking loud to the face, they smoking quiet (quiet)
Can't take my money, I'm really savage (savage)
My niggas out here they'll let you have it (we blasting)
We racing, we got all day
Tryna catch a case, winner of this race
Get up out my face, you ain't talking no cake
I could tell he fake, can't talk to the jakes
Mother fuck they place, them niggas gone hate
Cause we in first place, yeah we in first place
Robin Jeans with the wings, thats deffly' grindin' (we grindin)
One call gone have them hitters ridin' (they ridin')
I'm way into the field, no fucking hiding (no hiding)

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