Play For Keeps Songtext
von L'A Capone

Play For Keeps Songtext

We play for keeps
The whole hood know me
No new niggas, they ain't on the block
Making guap trying to feed the team
Got a motherfucking dot no circle
Big 30 hanging out, no curfew
One call, yeah Booka gone murk you
Sneak diss, man that's gone hurt you
Oh yeah, we taking shit
Steady running from the Jakes and shit
When we reach the top
We could stop doing this basic shit
Cause I'll ride or die for my niggas
I'll get crucified for my niggas
You'll never see a one on one, fuck boy
The whole squad gone get you
These niggas so phony though
They'll act like your homie, though
'Til they see some bands, but it ain't your mans
He just bail like Romeo
And I'm still by the corner store
Fuck all this rapping, bro
Might think it's a concert
And get beyond hurt cause we clapping, ho
Now roll that dope shit
On the block we smoking shit
And niggas die cause the cops
Come quicker than the motherfucking doctor, shit
It's one thing I never did
And that's love a bitch
Cause I'm drilling shit
I only love my clique
My OG told me to slow down
I see an opp then he get blowed down
Take him down then smoke his whole pound
Ah, they deep, huh? Empty the round
Get caught but I won't make a sound
But it's dead cause I'm shooting out of town
We sell green and white but no brown
I'm finna bust a shell right now
These niggas ain't really in the field
Little Folks going in for the kill
Late night trying to creep with the steel
Shondale, how that hot shit feel?
And I love when I'm off that pill
Can't change boy I'm too real
They say real niggas don't say they real
Well fuck nigga I'm real
And if he can't break bread he fake
I had one more buck on my plate
It was me and bro, we was in the store
And both of us got 50 cents cake
A bitch can't tell me she late
The condoms I use don't break
We at the starting point of this race
We gone win, nigga I can't wait

Rondo count with your soul
GDK fuck a Brick, get exposed
In the hood, strapped up, bunch of poles
Jakes snatched me up, but you know I can't fold
600, free my nigga, D-Rose
All these hoes kind of getting too old
I ain't playing no lover games with them lover gangs
Niggas getting smoked
Yeah, it's a lot of shooters on my squad
Yeah, it's a lot of shooters on my squad
And if he holding on that work he get robbed
TEC on my neck, I don't need no bodyguard
These niggas be crazy
These niggas don't tote
These niggas think it's a joke
Let me see an opp, I'm a blow
See a lot of niggas out changed
Cause Rondo done made a little change
And I still claim the set I claimed
And I ain't going, try to take my chain
D-Block, free my nigga M-Thang
Steve Drive, that's my campaign
And I would never switch, that just don't exist
Cuz, that's blood on my name
Yeah, I'm a shooter bitch
Tay 600 up them rugers quick
Deadbeat pops, got raised by the block
I was trying to make it flip
He was probably with his moms
He was probably on the porch
Since a youngin, bitch I been that nigga
I was blowing the torch
You know how I rock, nigga
They know how I rock, nigga
Cdai got 22 shots, nigga
Add 8 more, that's a mop, nigga
Niggas do all that talk
My niggas don't come from that code
Rock a opp, they could take that loss
600, bitch, Rondo the boss

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